Don't forget to register for the e-IRG workshop in Rome, Italy 11-12 November
The first day will start with the opening session, a welcome message by the e-IRG chair, the...
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Interviews and video's related to e-infrastructures
The most related videos to e-Infrastructures can be found on the e-IRG Knowledgebase, for instance...
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The 2nd e-IRG newsletter of 2013 published
In the 2nd issue of the e-IRG Newsletter of 2013 you can read about•    Report...
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e-IRG White Paper 2013 published
The e-IRG Roadmap 2012 outlined a vision for the future of e-Infrastructures in Europe.
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e-IRG Task Force Report on Legal Issues published
The report investigates the legal barriers of using e-Infrastructures in Europe. Between December...
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About e-IRG

D1.1 e-IRGSP3 Handbook PDF
D1.5 Final Report (under review)
D2.1 e-IRGSP3 Liaison Plan PDF
D2.2 First Liaison Report PDF
D2.3 Second Liaison Report PDF
D2.4 Final Liaison Report (under review)
D3.1 White Paper 2011 PDF
D3.2 First Publications Report PDF
D3.3 Roadmap 2012 PDF
D3.4 Second Publications Report PDF
D3.5 White Paper 2013 PDF
D3.6 Final Publications Report (under review)
D4.1 e-IRGSP3 Dissemination Plan PDF
D4.2 First Impact Analysis PDF
D4.3 Second Impact Analysis PDF
D4.4 Final Impact Analysis (under review)
D4.5 Final Plan for the use and dissemination of foreground (under review)