Don't forget to register for the e-IRG workshop in Rome, Italy 11-12 November
The first day will start with the opening session, a welcome message by the e-IRG chair, the...
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Interviews and video's related to e-infrastructures
The most related videos to e-Infrastructures can be found on the e-IRG Knowledgebase, for instance...
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The 2nd e-IRG newsletter of 2013 published
In the 2nd issue of the e-IRG Newsletter of 2013 you can read about•    Report...
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e-IRG White Paper 2013 published
The e-IRG Roadmap 2012 outlined a vision for the future of e-Infrastructures in Europe.
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e-IRG Task Force Report on Legal Issues published
The report investigates the legal barriers of using e-Infrastructures in Europe. Between December...
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White papers

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e-IRG White Paper 2013:

The e-IRG White Paper 2013 is now final. Please find below also the long version and the comments received during the public consultation.

The e-IRG White Paper 2013 addresses integration of services for research communities and interoperability and coordination of e-Infrastructures. Follow-up aspects are Open Science, data management, big data, cloud computing and legal issues that arise from the commercial use of e-Infrastructures.

  • The final e-IRG White Paper 2013. [ white-paper_2013.pdf ]
  • The long version of the e-IRG White Paper 2013. [ pdf ]
  • The long draft version  e-IRG White Paper during public consultation. [  pdf ]
  • Comments on White Paper during public consultation. [ pdf ]


The e-IRG publishes regularly White Papers, each adding more focus and detail on how to make a healthy European e-Infrastructure come true.

Previous white papers can be downloaded here:

  • e-IRG White Paper 2011 and comments [ zip file ]
  • White Paper 2009, download: [  altPDF ]
  • Austrian white paper (2006), download: [  alt PDF ]
  • Luxembourg white paper (2005), download: [ alt PDF ]
  • The Hague white paper (2004), download: [ alt PDF ]
  • Dublin white paper (2004), download: [ alt PDF ]
  • Rome white paper (2003), download: [ alt PDF ]
  • Athens documents (2003):
    • Agenda, download: [ alt PDF ]
    • Proceedings, download: [ alt PDF ]
    • Workshop report, download: [ alt PDF]